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Power in Consumer Advocacy
Businesses and people often get away with unacceptable practices because they are never held accountable. The CCA was established to review and process complaints by the individual consumer in order to gain power through collective advocacy.

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  • Power in Consumer Advocacy

Balance the Scales

"I was ripped off for the last time. Thanks for seeing my complaint through to the end."

-Carl Zielinski, Baltimore, MD

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CCA is not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney. CCA does not provide legal advice or provide legal representation in court. Services provided are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. CCA is a non-governmental agency that reviews and catalogs consumer complaints. As part of the CCA's mission to empower the consumer, it offers a series of tips and advice to help the consumer on daily transactions. Although this advice is aimed at protecting all consumers, not all advice given will be relevant to the individual consumer. Due to a rise in lower quality products, confusing terms of service, and unethical business practices, the CCA hopes to provide comfort to those frustrated by conventional corporate excuses.

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The CCA processes and catalogs complaints from citizens that have not made significant progress through conventional customer service routes established by businesses. The CCA does not accept money from any companies or organizations for the purpose of purging filed records. If you represent a company that would like to rebut a CCA decision, please contact us only after reviewing our terms of use.